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12-14-2014 04:22 PM
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Welcome to the Alaska GIS Users page. This is a place to ask/answer Alaska specific GIS questions and to share tips discussions and others topics of interest to the Alaska GIS user community. It is a (currently, unofficial) complementary location for the Alaska Arc User Group (AAUG) and Special Interest Groups (SIG).

The GeoNet site was launched July 2014 is by esri and contains the new forum format, as well as many other features, including the platform to provide this page.  The GeoNet site is updated/improved as new features and suggestions are implemented. In addition, the first real launch of this page was in Dec 2014, and will be customized and revised as usage patterns emerge or suggestions are implemented.

This site is currently “open to all” (i.e. the world), so when posting, remember to keep this in mind and do not post usernames, passwords or any other information that you do not want posted to the public world.

Tips for using and commenting this page will be posted in documents in the future. We are all still learning best practices for the GeoNet platform.

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