Mineral Classification and Identification

03-17-2020 07:49 PM
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Hi Every Body.

First I will introduce my Self , working As Deputy Director Geo-Data , (GIS , Exploration Wing) Mines and Mineral , Karachi, Pakistan.

As on the Subject Caption I need guideline on the below Queries if any body please.


I have Data Set of identified Areas where different Mineral found in Polygon and Point Feature Class Like LimeStone ,Sand , Gravel , Lake Salt , Marble, Granite.

1. Using the Above Dataset I want to Analysis the other Areas with the Same Signatures to find more areas where same Signature appears.

2. I want to use my data to cross verified the signature of one mineral and apply them to another area to match their signature for validation purpose.

3. Is it possible to Calculate the Deposit of Surface Mineral.

4. Is it possible to Check the Mineral Extraction from my Granted Areas using change Detection or any other method.

Waiting for a positive reply

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I am not a current subject matter expert in what you are looking for but as background I am a geologist with previous remote sensing training and practice so can offer some comments.  I will assume that you are looking for guidance on the image processing and supervised classification capabilities of ArcGIS and specifically, ArcGIS Pro.

The resources below may be helpful to you and I've asked some of my colleagues if there are any others that would be helpful.


There are a lot of resources on image processing in ArcGIS Pro that are publicly available on various Esri and other websites:-

Esri Academy /Training


Videos - YouTube – Esri Channel


Videos - YouTube – Other


ArcGIS Blog

Esri Publications



Paul Hartwell, Natural Resources team,

Esri Inc.