Testing Tools Recommendations

06-17-2020 07:03 PM
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Hi everyone. Which tools are recommended for testing applications developed using ESRI Web portal? Thank you

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Something that may help people with responses to your question: What kind of testing are you looking to do? 

There aren't many tools readily available for testing applications in Portal or ArcGIS Online. You could write test cases (or hire a consultant like GEO Jobe to write them) based on your applications and the specific use cases. You could also look at getting users to test the application to get get feedback on user experience. 

A few resources that you may find helpful in the mean time are: 

Providing more information on the testing you are looking to do will help with responses but you can also try posting you question to the ArcGIS Configurable Apps‌, Applications‌, or Developer Communities communities to get more eyes on your question. This group is for the product Admin Tools by GEO Jobe. 




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