What fields does suggest use when creating a locator?

10-27-2020 12:04 PM
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I am using the create locator tool in Pro 2.6 and I have noticed that only the input city name and alternate city names are suggested to a user. Is there a way so that after a user has typed a house number and a street name suggestions can also be pulled from the neighborhood or zone field to better utilize initial input data rather than having to add a bunch of alternate table records? 

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@StephanieBosits In San Diego there are several neighborhood districts and I've added those districts to some street segments and created a StreetAddress role locator StreetsNbrhd and mapped neighborhood, city, state, postal. I do not have an alternate name table in this case. When I search for the address and include the neighborhood I get a match returned and suggestion that includes the city. Are you looking for the suggestion and match result to include the neighborhood value?


search result:


Candidate details:





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Yes I was hoping that the neighborhood or city would appear as suggestions when I user was typing but it is clear that this is only based on the city so we have settled on that being good enough for our service as neighborhood will still be provided in the match. Thank you for following up on this!



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