Setting up an accessible search for projects by Ward with Hub

08-28-2020 06:57 PM
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Function Required: Accessible search that enables users to select a ward and get project results as a count,  as a text list and  filtered in a map.

Data available: Department of Transportation street projects - line feature layer. Wards - polygon feature layer. Projects can cross into multiple wards.

Nothing that I've tried so far with dashboard and web app builder works well without a mouse.

Does anyone have any experience building something like this in Hub?


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Esri Contributor

Hi Jessica,

Could you explain a bit more of what you're expecting? We're currently in the process of redesigning our content views in Hub, and it's a priority for us to make sure Hub is accessible.

In Hub, we typically relied on the table (under the data tab) as an alternative to the map, since tabbing through the many, many points/lines/polygons on a map doesn't seem like an optimal experience either. Plus, our team doesn't work on the mapping engine directly, so we aren't always able to influence map interactions. Our current data table does support tabbing through the TH row, which contains sort and filter options, and then switches to arrow keys to navigate cells. We are redoing our filters as part of the content view project and our geolocation search (search within map/data) should filter both map and table. (But I see our current version has a bug.) 

Is this what you were inquiring about? Or were you trying to get at the idea of clustering points on the map and having those keyboard navigable? 

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