Interpolate Shape drops M values

08-08-2011 03:38 PM
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Problem: To create a graph profile with a featureclass you need M and Z values.
Therefore use a route featureclass and overlay over a DTM to add elevations using Interpolate Shape tool.
But then the M values have disappeared, so I have to rebuild the M values from somewhere.

Could the M measures be retained?
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There's an enhancement request in on this already. By default, InterpolateShape introduces new vertices in the line geometry. Would you want M's interpolated for them based on existing M's or not? Or, would you be using the 'interpolate vertices only option' and not run into this (risking the omission of 3D info along the route)?
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Nearly 10 years later, I find this issue still exists!  What happened with the enhancement request?  I suppose a workaround could be, once you've got Z, is there a way to take the original line-with-M and interpolate the M onto the line-with-Z? 

> Would you want M's interpolated for [new vertices] based on existing M's or not?

Yes please.

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I have just discovered this bug myself! How strange it still hasn't been fixed.... Can you introduce the option to interpolate M for new vertices based on existing M's? It's critical for creating graph profiles.