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Directions for Skyline and Skyline Barrier Tools

10-17-2014 07:07 AM
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Hello all,

We have a number of aircraft with camera systems capable of transmitting live video.  This wireless transmission is received by an antenna that we deploy where we need it, but it is effectively in a fixed position.  This receive antenna is usually elevated on a building or a portable tower in an attempt to get it above local barriers (other building, trees, etc.).

I need to create maps that depict where an aircraft can fly and have an unobstructed view of the receive antenna. I do not have much experience in 3D, so bear with me.  My idea was to use all returns of LiDAR in the area to create an elevation raster surface. Next, create a volume (multipatch?) up from the area of interest, then somehow cut out the areas that can't be seen by the receive antenna.  I would then create polygons at various elevations and clip them with the multipatch to create simple maps to deploy.

I found this article: ArcGIS Help (10.2, 10.2.1, and 10.2.2) and thought it could be a start. The problem is, I get to the limited directions in "Extended analysis, case 2" where things go wrong. I have created the Skyline from the 30' elevated 3D point and then run Skyline Barrier with every conceivable variation of settings, getting either no result that I can see or the complete opposite of what I expect to get (like the 1st picture in "case 2").  The result that I can see is a multi patch of what the 3D point should not be able to see, but also everything below the plane of the 3D point. (I will add a picture as soon as I can)


The last part of this...  I am using ArcGIS Pro‌ to do this.  I can switch back to Desktop 10.2.1, but have to wait until I am back in the office to do so.   Any help from my friends at Utilities and Communications‌?  Am I using the right tools to approach this problem, or do I just need a bit more education in the use of those tools?

Thank you for any guidance you can give,


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With all of the attention on 3D...


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