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07-20-2020 07:43 AM
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Context/ Situation

During the ESRI User Conference 2020 "LiDar Classification and Feature Extraction" Technical Session they spoke about a developed "3D Sample Tools" Toolbox

It can be found here:


I am using ArcMap 10.7.0. I have spatial analyst. I do not have 3D analyst. 

I have downloaded the tool box, created a folder connection to it. 


I was able to run the scripts (example LAS Dataset to Tiled Rasters) and it was successful. 

However the tools with the hammer icon (example Tin to Multipatch) do not work. 

I receive a "Tool Not Licensed, Unable to execute the selected tool. You do not have the necessary license to execute the selected tool." Warning. 


Does anyone know what the issue is?

Do I need 3D Analyst for these tools to work?

Has anyone had success with these tools in ArcGIS Pro?

Is there better documentation/ meta data of these tools explaining how they were derived?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Thank you 


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Most of the functionality provided by the 3D Sample Tools require the 3D Analyst extension. The tools that appear with the hammer icon in ArcGIS Desktop are not available in Pro because they rely on the ArcObjects library which is not part of Pro.  However, please note that the functionality of the following tools in the Samples toolbox were implemented in ArcGIS Pro:

  • Cast Shadows on Raster - > Sun Shadow Raster
  • Create Fence Diagram - > Fence Diagram
  • Convert LAS Version, LAZ to zLAS, zLAS to LAZ - > Convert LAS
  • Create PRJ for LAS - > Create LAS Dataset (also in ArcGIS Desktop)
  • Simplify 3D Line
  • LAS Building Multipatch
  • Classify LAS Overlap Points - > Classify LAS Overlap
  • Set LAS Class Codes Using Raster
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Unfortunately, this website has not been updated with the latest 3D sample tools as shown in ESRI UC 2020. For instance, the tool for block diagram and other are not there yet. Will be good to get it updated..

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