How do I drape a surface on custom data rather than built in elevation data for a 3d web scene in cityengine webviewer app?

04-06-2016 10:44 AM
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When I publish a web scene from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Online for use in a cityengine 3d web scene, all of my surfaces that I have custom elevations assigned to come out flat. As far as I can tell the only elevation data that the 3d webscene will read or apply, is the built in esri elevation data.

I'm trying to display subsurface geologic data.

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Sharing what I've learned so far, the easiest way to accomplish this is run the tool Export to 3D Web Scene in 3D Analyst Tools/CityEngine.

There are some limitations and specifics to know about although explained here.

Here is the result of my work.

The labels are 3D points with 3D character symbology.

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That's really good Jay.

Could you explain how you got the labeling organized please.

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Thanks Neil

I created a point feature class with a letter and a depth field. I placed each point by hand, guessing on spacing, in x,y space. Then I symbolized by the letter field with a 3D character marker symbol of the letter and rotated each one along the Y axis.

Then with the depth field I used that as the base height expression for the z space.

Hope that helps.