How can I visualize a 3D seismic point events subsurface in a Local Scene on ArcGis Online?

01-12-2017 11:02 AM
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Hi there,

Could someone help me out? I can create a 3D model of seismic epicenters in ArcScene 10.5 on my desktop as shown on the screen grabs below. I would like to share these results via my ArcGis Online account. After looking through many help pages and chats I am still unable to mimic it using a 3D local scene on 3D viewer of ArcGIS Online. It seems that most of the 3D functionality is in ArcGIS Pro but alas, I do not have access to it.

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Seismic epicentres

earthquake epicenters

Same but now collapsed on transects

earthquake epicenters but now collapsed on 6 transects

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