Does anyone have experience with ArcPro Import 3D Files (3D Analyst)?

01-31-2017 03:04 PM
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I'm attempting to import an openflight file containing multiple building models into an ArcPro scene and I'm running into two problems. First, the multipatch created from the flt has every building model nested at 0,0. The flt has projection and lat/long data in the header, but the multipatch is created at the origin despite setting the coordinate system parameter. To at least get the multipatch in the right location, I attempted to use the Placement Points parameter, but the multipatch is still created at the origin despite trying to tie the spatial reference of the correctly located point feature to the imported flt model. Any ideas/ personal experience with this tool? Thank you.

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This definitely used to be a known bug (that the model was always placed at the origin regardless of placement points), but I don't know if it was ever fixed. I cannot find even resources concerning how to make these placement points.

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