Assigning water wells with producing geologic unit name/code

12-14-2016 01:36 PM
New Contributor

The overall objective of my work is to understand water quality of various aquifers.  I have a large database of water wells (~60,000) and each well record comes with a drilled well depth but does not have a reported producing aquifer/geologic unit.  I am relatively new to ArcMap/Scene but do have access to most extensions such as the 3D analyst.

The question would be: is there an efficient way to assign each of these 60,000 wells with the name or code of the aquifer that they are producing from?  My thought was to have the well depth extracted as the well point's z-value and then have the various subsurface elevations of all of the aquifers also extracted as z-values.  Could I use a type of script/code to do perform some nested if statements, something along the lines of: "if z-value < 20 m ; Scollard ; if z-value < 60 m Bearpaw ; Horseshoe"?  

Looking for any thoughts/advice or to be steered in the right direction.  Many thanks!

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