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06-05-2015 08:45 PM
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Dear all

I need to show a flythrough to the pilots before attempting trial flight to anyarea

I have created line feature routes for flythrough (map and coordinates).

it is the  proposed path on which the aircraft would descend to land at a place (descend gradient about 5%.

The direction of landing has to be determined.

The direction of take off has to be determined.

i have created a dem and on that i have draped mine shapefile i.e line feature and given a elevation from the DEM.

the Problem is when i create a animation in arcscene by using flyby path option it is creating the animation but not on the top of raster. it is running underneath the raster or to some other location.

can anybody share the idea what i need to do to run along the path over the DEM.


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did you set all the properties required to animate the scene?

About animating scene properties—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

which includes creating the track, placing it on the dem, setting the altitude and azimuth etc for the path so that when you 'fly' along it, it will be at some altitude above the ground and looking at the terrain and not the sky?

There is lots of help in that section ​