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Significant update to the Local Government 3D Basemaps Solution

01-25-2019 09:10 PM
Esri Contributor
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Make sure to check out the January 2019 release of the Local Government 3D basemap solution. This is a major release with a number of important updates:

  • 40% reduction in steps required for elevation, 3D buildings, floors and 3D trees publishing.
  • Faster processing speed when creating elevation layers.
    • Faster processing speed when extracting and fusing buildings.
  • Improved extraction quality and processing speed by adding the ability to:
    • do automatic flat and sloped roof form segmentation.
    • split building footprints by other features such as parcels.

segmentation comparison

Before and after pre-processing the building footprints using splitting and auto-segmentation.

  • Ability to add color to building roofs and facades.

color buildings

  • Tasks now work in any active scene.
  • LOD1 Building creation now supports selection.
  • Improved automatic unit conversion for default values in all tools.
  • External Task files are included in the project.
  • Support for ArcGIS Pro 2.3.

You can download the latest release of Local Government 3D basemaps solution here and please email feedback (bugs, enhancements) to