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Preview of 3D Tools for Power lines

02-19-2019 09:56 PM
Esri Contributor
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What are the 3D Tools for Power lines?

The 3D Tools for Power lines solution is a collection of ArcGIS Pro tools that simplifies and automates the process of creating 3D visualizations of transmission and distribution lines. The results can be published and visualized in a 3D scene which can be easily shared with stakeholders or the public.



The following are some benefits of using 3D Tools for Power lines:

  • Visualize existing power lines in 3D and add them to your 3D basemap to serve as a foundation for creating 3D applications and workflows.
  • Visualize proposed power lines in 3D and assess the visual impact on the surrounding landscape.
  • Supports both transmission and distribution lines
  • Works with existing GIS data as input.
  • Creates realistic 3D representations of conductor and tower structures
  • Supports a wide variety of conductor and tower configurations

Austin Power line scene

Get started with 3D Tools for Power lines

  • Download the 3D Tools for Power lines ArcGIS Pro project.
  • Read the current limitations in the description. 
  • Extract the zip file to a folder on your machine.
  • Open the 3DToolsForPowerLines.aprx in ArcGIS Pro.
  • In the Catalog pane, expand the Tasks folder, then double-click on the Create 3D Power Lines task
  • Use the Create 3D Power Lines task to step through the workflow.

System requirements

The following software is required:

  • ArcGIS Pro 2.3 - 2.4 (Advanced)
  • ArcGIS 3D Analyst extension

Note: you might need to install the Microsoft Access Database Engine driver if you encounter a TableToTable error. See this link:


It would be helpful for us to know:

  • how these workflows and apps will benefit your organization
  • how the workflows and apps can be improved
  • any bugs or other issues.

For comments, questions, bug reports, new requirements: please email