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Mesh support in the 3D basemaps solution

02-28-2021 12:39 PM
Esri Contributor
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The 3D basemaps solution can be used by mapping technicians to create and maintain a 3D basemap for their organization, leveraging existing data such as lidar, building footprints, meshes and underground utility features.

The February 2021 release of the 3D basemaps solution has some great enhancements:

  • Mesh support: besides publishing and modifying meshes using standard Pro tools, this solution release also allows you to modify existing web scenes reducing the need to republish a mesh from Pro after every modification:mesh_extract2.jpg

Besides the new mesh support, we also added:

  • ability to color trees in lidar point clouds. By popular demand, we have added a workflow to colorize tree points in your lidar using aerial imagery. This is a great way to visualize vegetation in your scene without having to extract tree features.colorize_trees.jpg

For more information, check out the "Getting to know 3D basemaps" storymap or visit the ArcGIS Solutions website