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Leveraging LiDAR Template

07-06-2019 04:23 PM
by Anonymous User
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Due to popular demand the Leveraging LiDAR Template is finally here. 

Whether you are working for a government agency, AEC company, or hobbyist collecting data via drone or plane this Task-Based workflow for ArcGIS Pro 2.4 goes step-by-step through.

  1. LiDAR Preparation for ArcGIS Pro
  2. LiDAR Classification, Colorization, Dissemination (Sharing Online or on ArcGIS Enterprise)
  3. LiDAR Surface and Elevation Raster Tile Generation 
  4. LiDAR DEM Raster Tile Generation 
  5. DEM elevation caching and publishing for ArcGIS Online & ArcGIS Enterprise
  6. Building Footprint Extraction
  7. Initial intro to tools leveraged in the Local Government 3D Scenes Solution.
    1. The Tiled Raster data and raster data generated in this process can be leveraged in the 3D Scene Solution here:

LiDAR Classified

Additional Credit to Arthur Crawford for developing steps within this process.

You can download the template here: 

Please provide comments below or contact me at concerning issues/questions.