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Create Floors from 3D Building Models

01-13-2016 07:14 AM
by Anonymous User
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3D floor data is vital for Smart Cities, Smart Campuses, the Internet of things (IOT), and 3D intelligent Facilities.

This 3D data is vital for supporting trends and requirements such as the FCC requiring Z elevation values to be collected for 9/11 calls, 3D Land-Use Zoning, Sustainability analysis, resource consumption estimation, and others...

Leveraging Esri's ArcGIS Pro floors can now be extracted from 3D Models via GeoProcessing (GP) Tool.

   Example of Floors Split from PLW Modelworks Buildings.


Download the Facility Tools Here:

For installation instructions please refer to my previous blog post here: Extrude Feature GP tool

Download the Overview Video Here: FloorSlicing.wmv


Using the "Split Floors" GP Tool in the "Facility Tools Toolbox" Floors can be extracted leveraging one of two methods.

  1. Precise Range
    • Specify real-world floor ranges that will contain the same Height
      • The end floor specified is the real-world floor number.
  2. Additive Range
    • Specify the number of floors that will contain the same heights
      • The end floor specified is added to the end floor height below.

The resulting floors can be further cleaned leveraging the following GP tools:

  • "Regularize Building Footprint" GP tool will help clean the footprint and remove additional artifacts.
  • "Feature to 3D By Attribute" GP tool can be leveraged to convert the floors back to 3D once cleaned.
    • floorsCleaned.JPG

Using the "extrude" GP Tool in the "Facility Tools Toolbox" you can:

  • Create 3D volumes of each floor level:
  • Create 3D floors for each floor level:

Creating Wall Geometries from the Floor Polygons

  • Use the "Offset Polygon" GP Tool in the "Facility Tools Toolbox" you create walls around floor edges
  • Use the "Extrude Feature" GP Tool in the "Facility Tools Toolbox" to extrude the walls to their actual height.

I will be adding more tools and publishing further blog posts in the coming days/weeks.

All questions concerning these "Facility Tools" are supported through this GeoNET blog.