In a GIF: There and back again... a drivers tale

Blog Post created by mschoelen-esristaff Employee on Sep 13, 2019

It's 6:00am on a Friday (yawn), and a stack of invoices has just been emailed to you, outlining all of the clients your employees need to visit today. What site should each of them start at? When will they get back to the office, accounting for traffic? How much are you expecting to spend on gas today? Lets get the answers to these questions in 45 seconds in today's #InAGIF!


Using the Find Routes tool, we are able to quickly import the client sites on the docket, and generate the fastest route between them. The tool provides options like the method of transportation (walking or driving), the time of day, the type of vehicle, and even toll road avoidance. You can also select what metric you want to monitor (travel time or mileage).


Quickly route though tens or thousands of addresses and determine the fastest route.

Find Routes can quickly solve massive routing problems


Using automation tools available in ArcGIS, this process can be easily automated for all 500 drivers every single morning, giving everyone their dispatch orders before your morning alarm even goes off. For an entire fleet, there are even tools that can evenly distribute stops to multiple drivers, ensuring everyone has a similar drive-time. 


If your data is sensitive, Esri also offers secure geocoding and routing tools, ensuring that your data never leaves your infrastructure. 



About In a GIF:

Every Friday, I take a few seconds of my day to demonstrate a cool feature of the ArcGIS platform, and share it with you all! The goal is to show how easy it is to create incredible products using tools available in the Esri environment.


We've all seen "look how easy this tool is to use" demos before, using curated data and copy-pasta code. So, to truly demonstrate going from zero-to-hero, In a GIF follows three simple rules:


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