In a GIF: Add interactive charts to a StoryMap, Hub, or anything

Blog Post created by mschoelen-esristaff Employee on Aug 16, 2019

Blurry. Fuzzy. Non-clicky. Out of date. These are all of the qualities of the peach that I left in the fridge over the weekend at the Esri DC office. They are also the qualities of that screen-grab of an Excel chart you've just embedded on the front page of your website or StoryMap.


In just 45 seconds (yes, this one went a little longer because I wanted to show the final product), you can create an interactive graph that can be embedded directly into your website. As your data updates, so will the chart! This is accomplished by adding your CSV to ArcGIS Online as a hosted layer. Then, pull the hosted layer into Operations Dashboard via the Serial Chart widget, save it, share it, and embed! 



Operations Dashboard can be used to create an embeddable chart.


Did you know: Operations Dashboard is already included with your ArcGIS Online account. Just click the app launcher in your organization's home page.

Here is a sample of the CSV being pulled into ArcGIS Online. This could just have easily been a feature class!





About In a GIF:

Every Friday, I take a few seconds of my day to demonstrate a cool feature of the ArcGIS platform, and share it with you all! The goal is to show how easy it is to create incredible products using tools available in the Esri environment.


We've all seen "look how easy this tool is to use" demos before, using curated data and copy-pasta code. So, to truly demonstrate going from zero-to-hero, In a GIF follows three simple rules:


 In a GIF Rules:

1) The .gif must be less than 45 seconds.

2) No cutting time from the .gif

3) No pre-prepared code allowed.