Why can't I use the Add Item dialog in ArcGIS Online?

Blog Post created by ARex-esristaff Employee on Mar 11, 2019

Hi ArcGIS Online users!


I wanted to take a quick minute to provide some information on a recent issue that has been impacting many ArcGIS Online users over the last month who use Google Chrome. 



In the Content page in ArcGIS Online, the Add Item pane doesn’t work in some circumstances. No failure message appears; when the Add Item button is clicked nothing happens. Customers who called Esri Technical Support may have been attached to BUG-000120154 (which has since been closed).



This is a bug in the Chrome browser.  You can see details about the Chrome bug on the Chromium website here.  



  • Any other browser works.
  • Chrome already has a fix in their development browser (Chrome Canary) and therefore should hopefully be implemented into the Stable release of Chrome soon.
  • There are several workarounds when using Chrome before the fix is implemented:
    • Use Chrome Incognito mode
    • Use Chrome Guest mode
    • Remove all stored passwords from Chrome

I hope this helps clarify any questions about the problem.  Happy mapping!