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Help with bug in queryFeaturesWithParameters:completion: (AGSFeatureTable) using extent, not geometry

Question asked by on May 8, 2020
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I would appreciate help on Esri Case #02552078, escalating a hotfix for a bug in queryFeaturesWithParameters:completion: (AGSFeatureTable) that is present in 100.8.0. I recently refactored our Android and iOS apps to support querying stacked geometry for features that intersect or overlap a user-selected (via tap) feature. It is working properly (and as intended according to the documentation) in Android. However, in iOS, the query method appears to be incorrectly using the extent of the geometry, rather than the geometry itself. For example, a query using the Deschutes River returns, among 100s of other results, Packwood Creek, which isn't even in the same drainage. But, it is within the extent of Deschutes River (see screenshots below).


For clarification, I am using:

params.spatialRelationship = AGSSpatialRelationship.intersects

params.maxAllowableOffset = 0


I would appreciate a hotfix for this issue, plus any workaround in the meantime. I am happy to provide additional info. I cannot share the endpoints publicly, but they are attached to the case and I can provide them via DM or email.






Deschutes River selected in the app. Note, the location of the town of Yelm and other features for reference.

Packwood Creek selected. It is in an entirely separate drainage than the Deschutes River.

The spatial query results for Deschutes incorrectly include Packwood Creek and hundreds of others.