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How to use url parameters in Query widget

Question asked by franklin.alexander on Dec 3, 2019
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I am trying to use URL parameters to execute a search with the Query widget, but am having trouble getting the widget to see the url correctly. when I try and use the built in 'query' parameter, no matter what id I use I get an 'invalid id' message in the console. I am very unclear as to what id it is asking for since the layer id I am trying to query on isn't some long integer, at least not that I can find. The layer id in the config file is the 'name' of the layer, which doesn't work, and if I try using the id from the REST service json page for the layer, that doesn't work either. Do I have to generate the id somehow?


This url throws invalid id error,NAME_ENT,Andrews%20WMA


This url seems to work, no error.,NAME_ENT,Andrews%20WMA


Aside from the id question, is there an advantage to using the 'query' parameter? Are there any limitations in not using it? I am still able to extract the parameters in the widget.js file using both jimuUtils.urlToObject() method and getUrlParams() method.  


I have already looked at the esri docs, but am still confused! 

Use URL parameters—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Documentation 

URL query parameters in Web AppBuilder — CommunityHub 


Thanks for any clarifications