I need an example of how to use a spatial relationship in a query.

Discussion created by schlot on Jun 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2011 by tanya.bisen
I've seen posts where the goal is to let the user draw a polygon and select features within it.  However, I have a twist  on that.  I have a find task that will select a particular district number.  This is displayed to the user in a graphicslayer as a single polygon (will only ever have one polygon in it,  it's just a highlight and I continually clear it out).  I would then like to select all the points in another layer that fall within that district

I see that I can define my query to have a spatialRelationship of "SPATIAL_REL_WITHIN", but I can't find a good example of how I might use this.  I"m not even sure this is my best approach.  I've also been looking at the geometry service and the relations it returns.