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Survey123, somewhere between if then and cascading selects?

Question asked by bherron1 on Oct 9, 2019
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I am setting up Survey123 forms for our field guys, one of the questions is the Employee Name, which leads to what their Classification is. Originally I just had 2 text type fields for them to type in the info. Now I am trying to provide them a list to select their name from which I have accomplished with the type select_one Employee or_other on the Survey tab and in the following row a Hidden Type and EmployeeCollated Name and the Employee list in the choices tab.  That works fine, they can select their name and when there is a new employee that hasn't been added to the form yet, they can type in their name.


FYI: I am exporting this all to a word document form of the old paper document they are currently filling out.


Employee A, B & C classifications are Tech-1 Employee D&E are Tech-2 and so on. So what I am trying to accomplish is to populate the "Classification" question based on the input of the Employee name. One thought was to use a series of if then statements. I assume in the relevant column. I don't completely understand how the if/then statements work, but if they do, the concept I envision is:

Row 10 if(${Employee}='other', ${Employee_other}, {go to the next if/then?}) How do you go to the next if/then on false?

Row 11 if(${Employee}='a', ${Tech-1}, {go to the next if/then statement?})

Row 12 if(${Employee}='b', ${Tech-1}, {go to the next if/then statement?})

Row 13 if(${Employee}='c', ${Tech-1}, {go to the next if/then statement?})

Row 14 if(${Employee}='d', ${Tech-2}, {go to the next if/then statement?})

and so on until all the classifications are met. Can you group Employee a,b,c into one if/then?

If the if/then is not the solution then maybe some manipulation of the cascading selects to just populate the classification instead of offering another selection and still allowing user input if ${Employee}='other'?


I'm relatively new to this, any help would be appreciated?