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ArcGIS REST Admin Layer Update Definition does not work

Question asked by developer_gti on Jul 31, 2019



Has anybody managed to get the ArcGIS REST Admin Layer Update Definition to work on "Hosted" feature services (stored in ArcGIS Enterprise relational data store) using on-premise ArcGIS Server and Portal?  We are running version 10.5.1, and can't get it to work even for a simple update of a coded value domain.  The system always returns a

{  "success": true }

 message but the domain definition is never really changed (e.g. new values are not added).


I've seen other people also struggle with it, but no useful ESRI response.  Here's a link to the closest similar cases I've managed to find (scroll towards the middle of the discussion):


Incidentally, I am not sure if this is related, but we've also noticed that the QueryDomains function of a hosted feature service also does not work.  It always returns "Error performing query domains operation".  We do not get the same error when dealing with feature services from a managed geodatabase (as opposed to the hosted feature services that use data from a relational data store).


Thanks for any assistance!