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Discussion created by davidkgolden on Oct 24, 2013
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I'm very new to ArcGIS online and I'm not positive if this is the right forum for my query. I will describe what I'm trying to do and hope that someone can point me in the right direction or let me know if it is even possible given the tools I've got.

I'm trying to develop a web application for my college farm to be used on the iphone. The goal is to be able to enter paddock location and paddock health descriptors and to store this data over time. We don't have permanent paddocks, so the polygons used to describe paddock location must be constantly changing. To solve this, I want the user to select and enter point data (based on permanent in-field posts) which will then be made into polygons based on vertices. The attributes that will be entered in with the point data will follow the feature into the polygon, and then the polygon features will in a sense be dissolved into a fishnet and relationship class table that I have set up in order to store the data. I have developed a model using ArcMap that is capable of completing all of these tasks.

Where I am stumped though is how all of this data can be created using a mobile app and entered into the modelbuilder and stored on an online server. I've played around with the Collector App and ArcGIS Online and I can't seem to find any way to create fields that are this customizable. I don't have any scripting experience, so anything that requires extensive scripting knowledge is pretty much out of the question.

Can someone point me in the right direction for continuing on with this project?