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Complicated calculations in xls forms for Survey123?

Question asked by kat_hoenke_fws_col on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by JTedrick-esristaff

Hello, we we are currently using survey123 for collecting field data on aquatic organism passage barriers in the field. Our survey is set up with a repeat that equates to a table relate for each pipe at a road stream crossing. once data is collected, we must export the data and bring it into excel to do some logistical excel if/then calculations and then some equations to get a final barrier score. my question is, how complicated can I get in the calculate field for xls forms? I can’t seem to find anything more complicated that someone has done other than adding a tip to a bill. Can I use if/then in xls forms? If this possible it would be a huge breakthrough for us! TIA!