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Accessing a PostGIS table with a custom SRID

Question asked by clruwebdev on Apr 27, 2018
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I created a custom spatial reference at ( ) and defined it in PostGIS using the INSERT statement generated by this site. I created my tables with geometry type using this custom SRID ( st_setsrid(geom,98391) ). These tables works fine when accessed through QGIS, but when I try to load at ArcMap with a Database Connection, I receive the message "Could not add the specified object to the map. The coordinate system identifier is invalid". Ok, I invented this identifier. But, how can I tell this to ArcGIS? 

I tried this connection using different ArcGIS versions (10.2, 10.4) and database instances. The message is the same. So, it´s an old issue.

P.S.: I don´t have a geodatabase configured, and don´t want it.