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is ArcGIS what I need

Question asked by SoupDragon on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by PHuls-esristaff

Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. Please bear with me as i am not trained in this and not sure if i am barking up the wrong tree. So although i am going to ask about ArcGIS i have first attempted this in QGIS which seems to be unable to produce the results i am after so is ArcGIS the right way to go? Ok enough rambling, I hope my explanation is adequate. In QGIS I created a PostGis database and loaded in data creating points (see image Plots) then created a hexagonal grid which is a shapefile (didn't know any other way to achieve this, see image Plots and Grid), then the average is selected from within a specific hexagon so last image 129 plots and an average of -68. So all ok except firstly it takes near enough all day to produce the Hexagonal Grid with the data plots, then if the data plots in the PostGis is updated (plots removed or added to in the database the plots appear and disappear with no problem) the grid does not update as it is a shapefile and therefore needs to be re-created 9another day to re-create it). The end result of this would be a web page where the data is either updated overnight or on the hoof and the plots are displayed within a reasonable time frame and the grid is updated as well.

So not sure if as I said am I trying to do the impossible or can this be achieved in ArcGIS (images round the wrong way first is Plots and Grid, then average count based on single hexagon then data plots from the PostGis table).

Grid and PlotsAverage count within single HexagonPlots