excel in ArcMap as an object (either in dataview or layout)

Discussion created by esrizarei on Feb 17, 2013
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there are few methods to add tables sitting in an excel sheet into ArcMap
- in excel file select the area are intended to add and copy to clip board then in ArcMap paste it which comes in as an image
  you may want to re-size the inserted image to what you prefer. this method is fine but the downsize is there is no connection to the original excel sheet, meaning updating the original table in the excel file you must re-insert your table in ArcMap
- in ArcMap you may insert excel table by going to menu/insert/object/Create New/Microsoft office Excel Worksheet
then copy the table you want to bring into ArcMap into this new worksheet, close it and the table would appear in your ArcMap.
This method is good insence of by updating the excel data the table in your ArcMap would be updated as well

- in ArcMap you may insert excel table by going to menu/insert/object/Create New/Create From File using the link option find the excel file and insert the worksheet into your ArcMap
in this method if you update the excel file the table in ArcMap would be updated as well, but there is one issue. when you insert the excel file using this method the whole sheet would be inserted. if you have many tables in that worksheet and you would like to insert them one by one using "Name Range" (specific rows and columns) you are not able to.

I am looking for a way to insert tables into ArcMap from one excel worksheet not as whole but as specifed rows and columns as I needed

Is there any add-on, VB or Python scripts for this?