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Displaying blobs

Question asked by dustinwiersma on May 10, 2013
Latest reply on May 14, 2013 by glosanders
Hello All,

I have a mobile project running using ArcGIS mobile for Windows.  The project is being used by Trimble Junos - in order to allow the Trimbles to collect more than one picture in one location, I named the fields in the DB "Picture_1", ect.  This works great as it prompts the camera to open in the Trimble or add a photo that is already stored on the Trimble.  The problem I am having is adding the pictures directly into a Flex map so the Flex map is populated with data "live" from the field.  My current work flow is:

-Copy the feature class to a personal geodatabase (since it is a Microsoft Access database)
-Run a script that extracts the blobs as jpegs to a folder
-Have the Flex map call to that folder to display the images

The problem with this is that the data does not feed live to the Flex map.  Any ideas?

-Dustin Wiersma, GIS Analyst