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Disable the option to open ArcGIS for Desktop

Question asked by gbeswick on Dec 19, 2017
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I've a got a question about the sharing options in AGOL. I've created a group inside my organisation (I'm the administrator) to share a web map with another member of my organisation. He has a viewer status in the organisation and a member status in the group. He therefore cannot edit the layers in the feature layer folder. However, he has the option to open the feature layer in ArcMap which offers him the possibility to download all the layers on his personnal computer.

I want him to be able to see the web map, but not open the data in ArcMap where he can save the hole content of the feature layer folder.

I've asked the ESRI support of my country about this particular problem and they told me that I should check the parameters of the feature layer, in particula untick the "authorise exportation to different format" box, which was already unticked. I have to say, I'm a bit lost because I tried a lot of parameters (group / feature layer / status of the member) and none seems to be doing the trick. Do you have any suggestions?


Thank you for your help