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Merge results of iteration output from collect values

Question asked by Sonoma_Land_Trust on Sep 14, 2017
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I am trying to merge feature classes in a file geodatabase into new feature class in a file geodatabase so that I can then dissolve by an attribute.




I have a feature class that has the fooprints (polygons) of feature classes (lines) I want to merge.
The complete set of the line feature classes are located in 4 different file geodatabases (due to size of total dataset, the contractor delivered the whole county of 1 foot interval contour lines to the client divided this way).
Each polygon feature is a footprint that represents a feature class of contour lines.
Each polygon footprint feature has the direct path to the line feature class stored as a string/text as an attribute.



My model takes the feature class of Footprints (input parameter) that cover an area of interest and iterates through those polygon footprint features.
The footprint feature class input has a feature and database friendly name that is parsed out to use as a variable to name the merged output feature class as a parameter called Footprint Name.
The iteration of the features is done using the Iterate Field Values tool in ModelBuilder.
The output Contour Path is a string and is the complete path to each line feature class I want to merge (contour lines).
The value of each iteration is added to a multivalue by the Collect Values tool and ouput  to List of Contour FC Paths, which is also set as a model parameter.

This works.
Screenshot of model attached is called Modelshot
Screenshot of output attached is called ListModel


I can't seem to get the merge tool to take this list and execute a merge.

From what I have read the Collect Values tool is the correct tool to use to capture the results of an iteration for a merge but the output is not visible to the Merge tool either in the model or as the output of a submodel.

I've tried making feature layers and collect those to give to the merge tool without success.

I do not want to copy and then add those copied feature classes to the merge because the feature class already exists and remaking it is a performance issue and a waste of drive space/time that I am specifically avoiding with this model.
I have all the paths, I want to automate merging those feature classes into a single feature class which I will then dissolve by the elevation attribute and calculate indexes for labeling using another model.



How do I hook up this list of feature class paths to the merge tool in ModelBuilder?