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Calculate Correlation and Pearson between two sets of rasters

Question asked by india123 on Aug 21, 2017
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Hi Xander Bakker,  Some modification I want to do in correlation script. 


I Would like to calculate the P value as a raster in addition to correlation raster. 


Using scipy library, I just ran one script to obtain the correlation and P value. Script is attached below


import numpy as np
from scipy.stats import pearsonr
x = np.array([ 58295.62187335,  45420.95483714,   3398.64920064,    977.22166306, 5515.32801851,  14184.57621022,  16027.2803392 ,  15313.01865824, 6443.2448182 ])
y = np.array([ 143547.79123381,   22996.69597427,    2591.56411049, 661.93115277,    8826.96549102,   17735.13549851, 11629.13003263,   14438.33177173,    6997.89334741])

r,p = pearsonr(x,y)

print "r", r

print "p", p



r : 0.831087956392

Pearson’s correlation coefficient

p-value : 0.00550539621039

2-tailed p-value


So instead of Numpy, can we use here Numpy and Scipy both library to get the addition p value or in the existing  script can we add this function to obtain the p Value as a raster


Thanks & regards 

Shouvik Jha