Programmatically access HTML Popup in Layer Properties

Idea created by 1_spk578 on Sep 12, 2014
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    I would be useful to have access to the HTML Pop-up function in the layer properties via arcpy. Perhaps via the arcpy.mapping module.
    Parameters should include:
    • Turn feature on and off
    • Path to Table
    • Field Name of URL in Table
    • URL Prefix
    • Field
    • URL Suffix
    Something like the following:
    arcpy.mapping.HTMLPopup (layer, TurnOn, {Path_to_Table}, {Field_in_Table}, {URL_Prefix}, {URL_field}, {URL_Suffix})

    layer = A variable that references a MapDocument or Layer object. = Object
    TurnOn = Booloean to indicate on or off = Boolean
    Path_To_Table = Path to table containing URL details. = string
    Field_in_Table = Field in above table that contains the URL = string
    URL_Prefix = String containing URL prefix (if this is used alone the URL defaults for the whole layer object) = string
    URL_field = String referencing field in layer[0] object = string
    URL_Suffix = String containing URL suffix = string