Software Updates for Home Use Program

Idea created by timminter on Jul 30, 2014
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    Current Condition (7/30/2014):

    If I purchase ArcGIS for Home Use, would I get software updates?  No. If you would like to get a new version of the software you will need to purchase another 12-month term license for that version.

    The home use program would be more valuable for me and for Esri if the 12 month subscription included software updates. 
    •           Benefits to me:  easy access to the current version of the software for learning, improving skills, and performing personal projects during my paid 12-month subscription term
    •           Benefits to Esri:           
      1.                     1. I'd be willing to pay more.  Let's say $125/yr instead of $100.
      2.                     2. I'd focus more time and attention on the Esri GIS software and less time and attention to become familiar with competing offerings such as the Boundless technology stack when I let my Esri HUP subscription lapse until the next release of ArcGIS software.