GeoEvent Processor - Update Feature, include datetime check

Idea created by JSatchwellesriaustralia-com-au-esridist Employee on Jul 3, 2014
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    In GeoEvent Processor messages processed from source system can invariably be not in datetime order i.e. each new message was captured after the last message.  At present the update a Feature Connector for GEP will update the database with the last feature recieved/processed in a GEP service. 


    On inspecting the TRACE logging for GEP the update a feature connector makes two HTTP calls to the feature service firstly to get the ObjectID to update, then the actual 'update a feature' call/processed.


    What would be really helpful is if there was an option to choose a DateTime field in the destination feature class for the connector to check with the outgoing GeoEventDefinition DateTime (Tag: TIME_START).  This could be added to the connector's config settings and could be kept optional.  The first call to get the ObjectID of a feature could also pull back the DateTime field and the connector would then check if the Event DateTime in the GED is greater than the Feature date time.  This would ensure that only the very latest information is updated for events.