Improved Collector App log in workflow

Idea created by jodywilson on Jun 6, 2014

    I was a heavy user of the first ArcGIS app on IOS and Android.  The work flow for signing in for tha app involved "clicking" on the "sign in" button and entering in your user name and password.  With the release of Collector for ArcGIS, the workflow has been altered abit, which I believe makes things a bit confusing.  When you open Collector, the first screen shows a box where you can accept the default "" or if you "X" that out, you can put your organizational account here.  Next you click on the "Continue" button.  No matter if you put your organizational url or accept the default (  the next screen is the username and password.  Once you have put in your credentials it automatically opens the app up to the "Maps" page.

    So, why again is there that first screen?  I say remove it and have a normal login screen with UN and PW,  Creating the first screen just complicates and confuses field staff that are use to the app just opening up and working. Please remove it if possible.