Maplex: keep case while stacking

Idea created by tobwen on Dec 17, 2012
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    Currently, I'm developing a tool, which helps at shortening streetnames.
    This is done by using Maplex Abbreviation Dictionaries.

    For example, the road name is: "Frank-Dickmann-Road". | (pipe) means new line.
    A shortened variant could be: "F.-****-|mann-Road" or even "Fr.-Dickm.-Road".
    Therefor I've added these translations to the dicitionary: Frank => "F.", "Fr." and Dickmann => "****-mann", "Dickm."

    With activated stacking for hyphens, currently Maplex (10.1) moves the first character in a new line to uppercase:
    For some language, like the German one, this behaviour is wrong and unexpected.

    My idea:
    • make it switchable in Maplex' Stacking options, for the users know need it
    • keep the case of the original string (expected behaviour)