Implement common Geometry Service operations in an HTML5 web worker process

Idea created by 1_samlarsen on Sep 22, 2011
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    Better responsiveness of mobile JavaScript API apps.

    Some commonly used geometric operations could be written in JavaScript and used in an HTML5 web worker process.  This could be very useful for mobile web apps by reducing slow"king mobile apps more responsive.  These could be created as a seperate set of widgets which can be requested on a 'per geometric operation' basis by apps which use the JavaScript API compact build, thus keeping the"tline the web worker process:

    A typical example could be the buffer operation:
    1) User clicks a point and wants to perform a search for all related locations within 1km.
    2) Instead of creating a 1km buffer via the geometry service and waiting for the polygon to be sent back in a response, the app could create the buffer itself thus eliminating the HTTP request for this step.
    3) The resulting buffer is then used to query either graphics on the map or a REST query for a map service.
    The above workflow would reduce the need for a 'synchronous' request to the Geometry Service and (depending on the level of connectivity) could result in a much more responsive process.