Excel like Attribute Table formatting and control

Idea created by duri on Jan 26, 2011
    Ideas inspired by Excel UI to improve flexibility and readability of Attribute Table working environment: 
    • Change the column width and row height to fit cell contents (not field length).
    • Set exact column width and row height parametrically. Match column width to another.
    • Adjust height of records manually with mouse.
    • Zoom controls available in Table navigation toolbar (slider and parametric entry/list box).
    • Show sorting direction in field title.
    • Comments available for each cell, record and field to store user notes and explanations.
    • Indicate cell’s contents overflow with icon or ellipsis. Display full value in a tooltip.
    • Indicate which fields are active in Layer Definition Query (if present).
    • Field display filtering (for working purposes like Excel AutoFilter).
    • Fill and border formatting.
    • Missing Select All and Add Field buttons in Table window toolbar for quick access. Possibility to customize Table window toolbar.