Improve TOC Interactivity

Idea created by duri on Jan 3, 2011
    Ideas to simplify and speed up user interaction with Table Of Contents:
    • Indicate in TOC which layers are edited and which are not (grayed out) while editing.
    • Indicate which layers are labeled, which failed to draw or have overlapping labels.
    • Match layer properties – simple one-click tool to copy all or selected properties (symbology, definition query, labels) between layers or dataframes (Format Painter in Office Word, AutoCAD Match Properties).
    • Match layer symbols simply by drag & drop between symbols from different or same layer in TOC (entire symbol, only fill or outline).
    • Organize layer symbology with mouse directly in TOC – manipulate symbol legend items easily without the need to run layer properties dialog box (create, move, delete, group/ungroup categories, headings, organize quantities).
    • Paste Layer or Add Data to exact location in TOC (one-step procedure).
    • Select layers with rectangular marquee in TOC (like Windows Explorer).
    • Common source folder replacement in TOC List By Source mode – simple and direct change of one or more base source folders or databases by rename or browse.