ArcGIS Pro: If Start without a Template, save .gdb & .tbx with Project name (instead of default.gdb & default.tbx)

Idea created by lucia.barbato_TexasTech on Sep 27, 2020
    • paul_hoeffler@fws.gov_fws

    Note: Original title & idea has been edited. Thanks to Kory Kramer for previous clarifications. 


    Whenever I save a project from one of the blank templates (Map, Catalog, Global or Local Scene), the .gdb and .tbx are saved with the same name as the .aprx and project folder. However, when starting without a template, the project folder and .aprx reflect the desired project name, but the default.gdb and default.tbx names remain as 'default' since they originate from the temp default space in the user profile. 


    If someone wants to save a blank template as a project, it would be nice if the system could check for content in the .gdb or .tbx, and if they are empty, then automatically name the .gdb & .tbx the same as the project name to be consistent with other project naming conventions. If no content is present in the .gdb & .tbx, then it is safe to assume that no other projects or map documents are pointing to it. This might be the case more often than not, and avoid confusion (at least for some), and eliminate the need to rename them.


    Otherwise, if content is present, then a warning message can display explaining “The default.gdb & default.tbx have content. If other projects point to these files, they will lose access. Do you want to rename them to the project name? You may manually rename these files if desired”.  This warning message can have a checkbox to ‘Do Not Display this message in the future’ for people who know what they are doing.


    I believe providing this type of functionality/option might add some flexibility to Pro’s strict project structuring & naming, and potentially minimize confusion. 



    Text of original idea: 

    The AGP documentation on page: Projects in ArcGIS Pro—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation > in the Default geodatabase section states:


    "When a project is created, a default geodatabase is also created in the project's home folder. The default geodatabase has the same name as the project (for example, MyProject.aprx is associated with MyProject.gdb)."


    Every time I save a project when starting without a template, the project folder and project file (.aprx) reflect the same name, but the Default.gdb and Default.tbx names remain as 'Default'.  The only time the default gdb and toolbox have the same name as the project is when a project is saved from one of the blank templates.


    Some clarification would be helpful such as .. when starting without a template, the project folder and project file (.aprx) reflect the same name. The default.gdb and default.tbx can be renamed to match the project.


    Actually, this seems more like a bug to me. Why not have the gdb and tbx assigned the same output name as the project when staring without a template? That would more clearly associate these objects with the current project.