Don't require password reset on new AGO accounts

Idea created by nfazer_midlandcounty on Aug 4, 2020
    • nfazer_midlandcounty

    When setting up a new named user, whether one at at a time or in bulk, there are two options. Email the user with the provided email address and have them create a new password and security question. The other is to not notify them and set a temporary password and when they try to login to AGO or a field app, they are asked to reset their password.


    Until recently, I didn't think much of this workflow. However, in May we had a major flood and for days I was creating a ton of AGO users in our Organization - 25+ users for data collection, users for outside agencies to access data, etc. What I found absolutely maddening was this requirement to reset the password. Whether uploading in bulk or not, AGO requires a new user create a new password and security question upon first login. This was a huge waste of time when minutes mattered trying to get field crews and volunteers out the door or getting people access to data. I spent hours manually logging into AGO for each individual user to reset the password to something I had control over, not the user. We had different volunteers everyday - I couldn't let users create passwords and security questions.


    What has confused me the most about this is when I create new users in our Portal, the password I give is the permanent password. No password reset is required.


    It seems odd that after all these years, AGO still requires this. There should be an option, maybe a checkbox next to the password, to not require the password be changed on first login. This would have solved my problem when creating dozens of new users for an emergency event. Instead, I wasted so much time creating a user and having to login in a new browser in order to "set" the password.


    Please consider adding an option to make the first password, whether in the form or in the CSV file, to be the permanent password and not require a password reset.