Add more information to License Manager Reporting in Monitor

Idea created by jweyl on Jul 7, 2020
    • jweyl

    Currently the License Manager extension for ArcGIS Monitor gives an excel report but some of the information is incomplete. For example, there are times when based on the users use behavior a license is activated by someone who already has the main product in use. In the License Manager report, we get this back as 'ACTIVATED-LICENSE(S)', but in the License Server Administrator there is more information like machine name. For our large organization we can link usage information back to a user by not only the ID collected in ArcGIS Monitor, but also the machine name. This helps us to better understand overall consumption.


    The other request would be to see if any information can be added for duration of use from the License Server Administrator and then add that to the report output. For example, my team uses the LicenseUserNames tab from the report to figure out who is using the licenses globally, but what we can't tell is how long they used them for or when? All we can tell from that tab is that during the reporting period the user used the software at least once, and we have our reports generated weekly. Even having the date/time stamp for each user on that tab would help us to know how many times during the week the user used the software.