Smart Editor able to create features from GeoJSON or Shapefile

Idea created by nikhenry_CiboLabs on Jun 25, 2020
    • nikhenry_CiboLabs


    It would be great to have the ability to select features from data added using 'Add Data' widget with the File option.  I know it hasn't been designed that stated here:

    Problem: Unable to use shapefiles added from the Add Data widget in the Smart Editor widget 


    But there seems to be many users requesting something like this already:

    Select, Copy, and Paste feature in WebApp Builder 

    Select, Copy, and Paste feature in WebApp Builder 


    Smart Editor is already able to select features from 'Add Data' widget layers, but can't create features based on the selected features of an added (using Add Data widget via 'File') GeoJSON or Shapefile file.


    The proposed steps needed with config:

    1. Option to select features from added layers  via the 'Add Data' widget? 

    2. Which fields to import attributes into? Or, can do only "If the schema's are identical"??


    The proposed steps would be the same as currently expected, not change needed.