Serial Chart Category Axis Staggered Labels: Stagger Fails When Labels Skipped

Idea created by BushtelAdmin on Jun 2, 2020
    • BushtelAdmin

    G'day All


    When the number of categories increase, at some point the Dashboard decides to skip labels; ie every second category.

    That's ok, there is only so much room on the screen.


    However the Dashboard forgets that the remaining labels should be staggered; ie when every second label is removed, one level of stagger is also removed, rather than re staggering the remaining labels.


    When every category labeled


     |      |      |      |      |      |      |

    A      |     C     |     E     |     G

           B           D           F


    When too many categories to label


     |             |            |            |

     |             |            |            |

    A            C          E          G


    What I would like to see


     |             |            |            |

     A            |           E           |

                  C                      G


    Obviously my labels are much longer than one character


    PS ArcEnterprise v10.6.1