Ability to backup and restore a single StoryMap

Idea created by DTRACXQ on Feb 13, 2020
    • jonas.leksell
    • marten.mogren@kalmar.se
    • skiley

    As a GIS Admin, I can use webGISdr to backup ArcGIS Enterprise base deployment. If any of the systems go down I can restore the whole system and the user content. I take weekly backups so worst case our business loses 5 days of work. That's a risk we are willing to take. This is all great!


    What if I needed to restore a single StoryMap, Dashboard, Site, or Insights? Does ESRI currently have a way to restore a single item? For complex items, this could save 5-10 hours of work, maybe more for larger StoryMaps that have continuous editing.


    If no capability exists at this time, please consider this for a future enhancement.


    Thank you,