Enable correlation of duplicate layer names in tool with layer names in the map

Idea created by Beibhin91941 on Dec 19, 2019
    • Beibhin91941

    When a layer is used twice in a map (e.g. in the attached example, it's in the map twice, but sourced from different Versions), when using a geoprocessing tool, there needs to be a way to tell which of the layers is being used in the tool.


    The geoprocessing tool GUI appends a number to the duplicate layer name to make them unique, but this number doesn't get added to the name in the Contents pane, for instance, or in the Attribute Table heading. So in the example attached, I don't know whether to choose gis.sde.GPSLocDev:1 or gis.sde.GPSLocDev:2 in order to choose the layer that has 9 records selected. 


    I realize the user can get around this by proactively re-naming the layers, but since the tool automatically handles adding the number to create unique names, it would be helpful if the names would be made to correlate in other parts of the GUI.